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How Do The New Tax Laws Affect Landlords?

Many of my clients are concerned about how the new tax laws will affect their ability to have both write-off and a good return on their real estate investment(s). I will try to explain how the new tax laws will affect individual investors:

New Pass-Through Tax Deduction

For landlords, the most stunningly good provision of the new tax laws is a new tax deduction for owners of pass-through businesses. This includes most residential landlords who own their rental property as sole ...

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Preparing for Retirement – What You Can Do Now

Two out of five investors believe their retirement savings goals will be difficult or nearly impossible to reach, according to a survey of clients taken by a large financial institution. Part of that pessimism may stem from not being sure what it takes to fund a comfortable retirement. If only you had a million dollars, right? But it’s not always that simple. What you’ll need in retirement is a highly personal question. Some people can live like royalty on $1 ...

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