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Our website encompasses the following companies, those being:


  • Oak Tree Realty

  • The Home Loan Pros


  • Reverse Mortgage 62AZ

  • SB Ranch Realty

Whether you live in California or Arizona, The Paseo Financial Group is a “ONE STOP” company to service your needs with real estate sales and mortgage financing.

Whether you are looking to purchase a home, sell your existing property, obtain mortgage financing on either a purchase or refinance transaction – the Paseo Financial Group will assist you through it all!

Find out why we’re THE BEST at new home loans, refi’s and more!

Experience Freedom with Reverse Mortgage 62AZ.

A better way to buy or sell in Arizona.

Looking for a home or just want to sell – Look no further!


Most Real Estate and Mortgage Consultants spend 90% of their time looking for new business. We will devote that time instead to serving you. By exceeding your expectations, and serving you beyond one transaction, we can be confident of your satisfaction and subsequent referrals. Our success depends on your desire to tell others about us! We would truly appreciate referrals of family members, coworkers, or your neighbors to our companies. We are committed to building strong, lasting, lifelong relationships one person at a time. Our goal is to become…”Your Real Estate Consultant for Life.”

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