It was only natural that Douglas would be become a Financial Advisor, Doug’s father was in the Financial Services Industry for over 50-years and a well-respected stock broker.  Doug’s introduction into the stock market came early in life as he remembers as a small boy riding his bike to the magazine shop every Sunday morning to get his father the freshly printed Barron’s newspaper and have his father read the articles out loud to him.   Douglas has been affiliated with Financial West Group, out of Westlake CA for many years.  It was just purchased by Western International Securities and should be finalized by year-end.  Douglas’ typical client may have purchased a home through him, or refinanced their existing property with Melanie.  In what is called a “Financial Tune-up”, which is offered free of charge – Douglas will sit down with his clients and review their Real Estate Holdings, Mortgage(s), Life Insurance, Retirement Plans, College Savings Plans if there are children involved, and all other Financial Investments.  A detailed Plan-Of-Action is developed in which he looks for areas where we can save money, thus allowing his clients to greater invest in their retirement. Douglas carries both his securities and life insurance license and can assist you with 401(k) roll-over, Roth or Traditional IRA’s, Retirement Plans, College Savings Plans, Life Insurance, Long Term Care, Small Group Medical, Annuities, Mutual Funds, Alternative Investments, and a multitude of investment options. Please call Douglas if you would like to sit down with him for a “Financial Tune Up” and make your financial future a brighter one.