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How Do The New Tax Laws Affect Landlords?

Many of my clients are concerned about how the new tax laws will affect their ability to have both write-off and a good return on their real estate investment(s). I will try to explain how the new tax laws will affect individual investors:

New Pass-Through Tax Deduction

For landlords, the most stunningly good provision of the new tax laws is a new tax deduction for owners of pass-through businesses. This includes most residential landlords who own their rental property as sole ...

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Preparing for Retirement – What You Can Do Now

Two out of five investors believe their retirement savings goals will be difficult or nearly impossible to reach, according to a survey of clients taken by a large financial institution. Part of that pessimism may stem from not being sure what it takes to fund a comfortable retirement. If only you had a million dollars, right? But it’s not always that simple. What you’ll need in retirement is a highly personal question. Some people can live like royalty on $1 ...

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How a Reverse Mortgage Can Help You in Retirement

How a Reverse Mortgage Can Help You in Retirement

There are few terms in the finance industry more reviled in the minds of the public than reverse mortgage. However, as is often the case in the world of finance, long-held perceptions and biases are not always reflective of the financial reality of today’s economy and, as a result, can be counter-productive. Regardless of what you think you know about reverse mortgages, and barring some new revolutionary change in the ...

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Do You Need to Change Your Accountant?

When meeting with my clients to review their retirement portfolios – on of the key questions I ask them is “When was the last time you met with your accountant to review your tax strategy and how it applies to their overall investments?”  What I usually get is a blank stare and the response “I didn’t know I needed to do that”.  My regular readers will know that I meet with my accountant every 90-days to discuss my current financial ...

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Investing Isn’t Easy

Investing isn’t easy, and there are plenty of traps that investors fall into all the time. Even the best investors are far from perfect, but by knowing where the most common pitfalls lie in wait to snare the unsuspecting, you’ll have a better chance of avoiding unnecessary mistakes. The following four mistakes are among the most prevalent, and fortunately, they’re easy to steer clear of if you’re prepared in advance.

1. Holding on to a losing stock in the hopes of ...

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Thinking of A Reverse Mortgage Loan?  Please Read the Following

Pursuing a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM, commonly referred to as a reverse mortgage loan) is a big decision. While it allows you to convert your home’s equity into non-taxable cash that you can use to supplement your retirement income, you may be wondering what types of protections are in place for you, the borrower. The great news is that reverse mortgage loans are well-regulated by the federal government and include consumer protections to help put your mind at ease.

Here are six protections that will ...

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How to Defer Capital Gains

How do you defer Capital Gains when selling an asset like real estate or a business?

There is a little-known way to dispose of assets that allows you to maximize your long-term financial advantage…even helping you for retirement.

Here is an example based upon clients of mine:

John and Jane are ~10 years from retirement. Like many of us they neglected to save (liquid assets) enough to get them through retirement. But they had some assets that they could sale to “top off” ...

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Defined Benefit Plan

In one of my quarterly meetings with my tax preparer and consultant John DePasquale – we discussed in detail as to what my options were to have the ability to put more money aside for retirement and potentially get a tax deduction as well.  John came back to me in a few days and said three words that have changed my retirement significantly in that I will be able to retire sooner than originally thought – those words being Defined ...

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